Search Engine Optimization

There are many factors that influence how effective and how long it takes to properly optimize a website. Due to the many factors involved it is basically impossible to guarantee results or predict timeframes without resorting to tactics that would likely get you blacklisted or banned from the search engines if you are discovered. BNR does not use any black hat techniques and only uses industry accepted white hat optimization to insure that your site will not be penalized.

We follow a generally accepted task list for optimizing sites. The speed with which the tasks are completed and results are realized will be directly related to how many hours of optimization you wish to perform each month. Typical campaigns will generally run 4-6 months during which you will receive detailed reports of progress and results each month.

Like all other BNR services, we offer up front pricing. Each campaign is unique and the required minimum engagement will vary depending on the goals you determine. Monthly pricing is determined by the number of hours you wish to allocate to your campaign though we do offer a la carte services.

Review and Analysis

Before we can begin your campaign, we must first identify opportunities and issues that can be fixed.

Heuristic Analysis Report: BNR will thoroughly analyze your website in order to determine potential obstacles that will need to be addressed during the optimization process. Any website we build has already taken these factors in to consideration in order to minimize the amount of work needed to prepare the site for optimization. We will look at site structure, content, site maps, and other factors that will help get your content indexed and ranking properly.

Competitor Analysis: SEO results are relative to the effort of your competition. The more they are doing right, the harder it will be to overcome their success. Having a baseline to compare to is critical in determining the success of your optimization campaign. It will also help determine if the level of optimization you have chosen is realistic in relation to the competition you face.

Keyword Analysis: BNR will analyze what keywords are working and which are not for your website. We will then analyze which keywords are the most likely to produce traffic to come up with a plan of which keywords to target in your campaign. Anyone can guarantee high rankings for irrelevant keywords that will not drive traffic. We prefer to measure our success in traffic gains rather than #1 rankings.

Local Citation Report: Search engines give more relevance to businesses that have consistent citations across various business listing directories and websites. BNR will analyze and report the current status of your business citations.

On-page Optimization

Any actionable items in the Heuristic Analysis Report are address and corrected. Individual pages are modified to fit in to the plan and the keywords from the Keyword Analysis are worked in to all of the important places. Meta tags are optimized for both content and length and internal links are added as appropriate.

Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization consists of expanding the reach of your content to other websites, search engines and directories. BNR does not use any automated means of off-page optimization, all aspects are done by hand to insure that your site is listed in relevant sites. Links are requested to industry related websites and directories and we use an extensive plan of content submissions on blogs, classified sites, and social sites. Standards compliant site maps are created and submitted to all relevant outlets.